Prog Rock Shuffle

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New and classic Progressive Rock (4 hours)


 Play List for 2-22-2024: 

Title Artist Album
Monsters Midas Fall Monsters
Volte-face Riverside Second Life Syndrome
All That Glitters Galahad Electric Company Soul Therapy
Where Did Saturday Go? Jethro Tull The Zealot Gene
All Around The World Jackdaw 4 Retrospectacles
Red Barchetta Rush Moving Pictures
Triste carnaval Lazuli Lazuli 11
Sleepwalker Faun Fables Mother Twilight
White Bird It's A Beautiful Day It's A Beautiful Day
Conquistador Procol Harum Procol Harum Greatest Hits
The Collector Clive Mitten Suite Cryptique
Wild Scary Ride Wazzoon Through The Haze
Parts Of Harvey Isobar Isobar III
Man Wheres Your Heart Ruby Dawn Beyond Tomorrow
The Way Down Exploring Birdsong Dancing In The Face Of Danger
Sweet Perfume Amplifier Hologram
Space Heater Zio Truewaves
Jet Silver And The Dolls Of Venus Be Bop Deluxe Axe Victim
Sweet Dreams And Soft Mornings Gerard Smith Lullabies In An Ancient Tongue
Dust Rob Thompson Dust
No Chance Warhorse Warhorse
Daddy's Gonna Save My Soul Golden Earring Switch
Long Cold Day Fish Fellini Days
Dancing In The Dark Franck Carducci & Mary Reynaud Naked
The Red Apple Refestramus The Red Apple
Pothead Nick Beggs Stick Insect
The Stars Unfold Eden Shadow Phases
Three Dancers Twelfth Night Smiling At Grief
Indelible Klone Le Grand Voyage
Telling The Bees Big Big Train Folklore
La Marinada Bill Laurance & Michael League Where You Wish You Were
The Sun Is Mine The Dowling Poole Bleak Strategies
Kaleidoscope The Kaleidoscope Tangerine Dream
Kobaïa Magma Magma (aka Kobaïa)
If This Is Your Welcome Kayak Royal Bed Bouncer
Madman Klaatu Hope
Entertain You Within Temptation Wireless
Jigsaw Legs Mice On Stilts I Am Proud Of You
The Night's Dance Karnataka Requiem For A Dream
Hier Leben Jolle Wirtschaft Arbeit Technik
Society Blues Dommengang Wished Eye
Invisible Nick D'Virgilio Invisible
Nightfall Xandria Sacrificium
Pigling Bland Soft Machine Fifth
The Last Teardrop Rick Wakeman & Adam Wakeman Romance Of The Victorian Age
Checkmate Gryphon Red Queen to Gryphon Three
Ghost Love Score Nightwish Once