Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:  What kind of animal is your mascot?  A: It is a hip platypus!!!

Q:  Why a platypus?  A: The Platypus is unique and has an unusual appearance.  It is an egg-laying,  duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed mammal.  I felt the unusual music blend on the KRAZY Queue would be best represented by a platypus.

Q:  Why the word "Queue"?  What are you - French??  British??  A: Pronounced "Q" - it is a computing term for a series of files, which in this case, are song files to be played.  By the way, the 'crazy' part is the songs vary wildly with respect to decade and genre.  I use the spelling "Krazy" in part to be snarky, and to avoid being confused with a discount store located in South Los Angeles.    

Q:  How can I listen to the KRAZY Queue?   A: Any internet connected device that has sound capability can be used to listen to the station.  The station is served by LIVE365 - an internet radio streaming service.  Here's more info:

  • Live365 App - available for Apple devices and Android devices.  The app is free.  Download the app.  Click on 'search' and enter "krazy queue" to listen.  
  • Any Web Browser - (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer...) by going to and clicking on the Listen Now button.
  • Alexa

To begin listening to Live365 on your Alexa, you first need to enable the Live365 Alexa Skill in the Alexa Skills Store. Search “Live365” in the Alexa Skills Store... 

Once there, select “Enable” and you will then be able to access Live365 on all of your available Alexa devices. You can also enable the Live365 skill by simply saying "Alexa, Enable Live365 Skill."

After enabling the Live365 skill, tune into Live365 by saying “Alexa, play Live365!” You will then be prompted to pick a station or genre.

To pick your favorite station from the thousands of stations on Live365, say "Play KRAZY Queue" [pronounced: 'Crazy Q']

Note that "Live365" is pronounced "live three sixty-five."

Q:  Can I listen to KRAZY Queue in my car?   A: Yes - if you have a mobile smart device (i.e. smart phone) and auxiliary connectivity with your car sound system (i.e. bluetooth or audio cable).  Connect your mobile smart device to the internet and use either the app, or a web browser to access The KRAZY Queue and start playing.  Connect the device to your car sound system and you're rockin!

Q:  Can I request songs?   A:  You certainly can!  Email:  - or - you can text your request to: 1-310-864-8055.  I will respond back to your request and let you know approximately when your request will air.  

Q:  Are you disc-jockying the entire time?  A:  No.  In fact, I don't announce, as I am too cheap to buy a microphone or to soundproof my little office where The KRAZY Queue originates.  Besides, the song titles are displayed in the app and web browser.   I use automation and a player algorithm / song randomizer to select and play music.  Or, I put playlists together for special programming such as Top 100 Countdowns and KRAZY Queue Revues.

Q:  What is a KRAZY Queue Revue?   A:  A grouping of songs based on similar themes or titles.  It can also be a requested play list by a listener.

Q:  Sometimes I hear an announcer.  Who is it?   A:  Every Thursday the KRAZY Queue hosts "Hayes' Hard Drive" - DJ De Layne Hayes provides two hours of music and artists interviews.  The show runs at 9PM ET (6PM PT) and lasts about 2 hours.


Q:  I sometimes see Error: L365 API: status 0 appear on my device.  Why is that?  

A: This usually occurs when using the web browser on a smart phone,  or an android pad device that is cell enabled.

 The  error is most commonly caused by a data stream break. 

Such as:

  1. Device moves from WiFi coverage to cell coverage or vice versa. The device buffers the data but fails to ‘reconnect’ properly.  Phone devices give “switch” priority to the phone app, but not to a non-native player like the one I use.
  2. Background applications on the device overwhelm the data stream to the player.
  3. Player is moved to background mode (for example, you listen using the web player and then fire up Facebook or some other application). One way to address this particular issue is to download the Live365 app from the iTunes or Google Play store.  The app provides a means to run in background mode.
  4. Player is started from the link on Facebook and then Facebook is closed.
  5. Bandwidth ‘starvation’ either caused when WiFi strength is low, or if using cell data plan, the coverage area is weak (i.e. 1 bar).