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KRAZY Queue Revue - Description

Molly's Mix - Songs covering the topic of dance, dances, and dancing.  Put on your Dancin' Shoes!!

Mary Beth's Mix - Fun tunes covering the 30's through 70's.  Several songs that ended up being used in TV commercials.  More suggestions from our contributor Mary Beth.

MB&P Mix - Kick back and enjoy Folk Music and Jazz tunes - Musical suggestions from our contributors Mary Beth & Paul

Marie's Mix - Hold onto your hat - this one's a whip-saw run through songs of Sinatra to Incubus with a few electronica tunes thrown in.  From our contributor Marie.

MAD Mix - A wild romp through the century, covering music from 1920's through 1990's - musical suggestions from our contributors: Mark And Debbie.

Gohar's Platinum - Armenian classical music mixed with Armenian Rock 

Hits & Mix - #1 songs from 60s, 70s, 80s mixed with standards from crooners, deep LP cuts, mid-chart FM favorites, jazz and country.

Gohar's Gold - mostly 80's music with a few Beautiful Music instrumentals and smooth jazz - she's married to the KRAZY who's in charge of the Queue... so she gets her own Revue.  Great music to knit to...

Some Ditties From Steve & Diane - songs provided by our guest contributors - focus is on sailing and friends.

Spectrum - Features all the songs covered by a band named Spectrum.  The KRAZY who runs the Queue played in that band.  Songs are by original artists, not the cover band.